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Prices Starting at $125.00 for 8 Hour Rentals

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Bounce house, Combinations, Slides, Waterslide, Concessions, Bouncy castles, rentals, inflatables, moonjumps,Brincilines

Mon-Thurs. 8 Hour Rental of 15x15 Standard Bounce House scheduled for 8pm or earlier pick-up, Includes Set-up, Take Down and Delivery. CALL NOW!! 866-464-4097

Let us Bring the Whole Party and Save you Money

Special Prices for Special Events

Located at
11 N Chase st
 Lombard, Illinois

Office Hours
Mon-Fri 9am-7pm
Sat-Sun 9am-12pm

Delivery Hours
Flexible depending on location

Insured for your protection!

Forest Preserves parties NO Problem!

Safety Page

Close Mesh fabric also provides safety by keeping kids from falling from higher areas of the unit.

Close Mesh Windows allow
great visability, keep the unit cooler and fingers and arms safer

Rapid deflate tubes allow the unit to be taken down quickly in case of a sudden storm.

Our blowers are surrounded by shock proof plastic and have small air openings to protect curious little fingers

American made, Lead free and fire resistant vinyl is what all of our units are made with.

All of our units have entry and exit ramps. We consider this an absolute necessity

Rope and lattuce windows are VERY DANGEROUS. All of our units use close kint mesh.

A bouncer with no exit ramp is dangerous. All of our bouncers and combinations have ramps.